RetailPulse offer

RetailPulse is retailers’ answer to questions around: a) staff training, b) productivity, c) recruitment, d) retention, e) career pathways, f) disability, g) diversity, and h) equality. In other words RetailPulse helps retailers deliver customer service-just the way you want it. 

RetailPulse is delivered online and offers staff productivity solutions to retailers on the shop floor.

RetailPulse delves deep into retail best practice and brings a combination of real world anecdotes to help staff learn the finer nuances from retail practitioners.

RetailPulse is a combined initiative of consultants, trainers, and industry insiders working with business and the Third Sector in delivering a comprehensive package of productivity solutions. 

Our approved contributors are world leading retail experts who have devoted their life to the study of the retail industry.

RetailPulse course attendees can gain the knowledge and retain their RetailPulse certification through Continuing Professional Development.

What’s on Offer?

  • A pool of international retail consultants & practitioners 
  • Personality development coaches who train your team on finer aspects of customer service 
  • Leading CSR practitioners who help your business develop and roll out your very own CSR initiative 
  • Your dedicated recruitment portal where you can: a) host unlimited jobs, b) review job applications, c) communicate directly with candidates 
  • Your dedicated product training portal where you can: a) launch new products, b) disseminate information directly to team members across the chain, c) monitor team member readiness, d) benchmark team member performance
  • Your secure, dedicated business account and communication gateway

How will RetailPulse deliver?

RetailPulse will deliver using a combination of resources:

  • Online
  • Classroom
  • Video link
  • Face2Face chat

Our handpicked team of consultants and industry experts design and offer fast paced, interactive courses with exercises at the end to test their knowledge and skills. 

RetailPulse works closely with retailers to help design bespoke training solutions tailored to their business, based on internationally recognised retail best practices.

Benefits of RetailPulse

  • A custom built, fit-for-purpose infrastructure
  • Ready to use training modules customisable to your business requirements
  • Recruitment portal-recruit people where you want them and for what they are trained
  • Reward & Retain STAR performers
  • Identify training needs, monitor performance, enable continuous development
  • CSR package to explore and implement

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